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Hey, thanks for stopping by for more information on our landmark case study!  Let us know if you have more questions by emailing us at info (at) or call us at 720-443-4001. We’d love to talk with you. 🙂

The purpose of this case study is to determine the return on investment (ROI) of email marketing for restaurants. We would like restaurants from the USA and Canada.  Our study will have a minimum of 100 restaurants participating and we are looking for restaurant groups and individual locations.

What dates does the case study run?

November 1, 2016 – April 30, 2017

What do I have to do to participate in the study

  • One point of contact for your restaurant or group
  • Commit to sending at least one email a month
  • Commit to participating for six months
  • Allow Actus Data to connect via a software interface to your email marketing program, POS and if you are an Upserve customer create a campaign to track results
  • Create coupon code in the POS system & train staff to track promo code
  • Agree to participate in a kickoff call and regularly scheduled monthly check-ins video call or phone call

Ok, I’m interested, do I get anything in return for participating?

  • Free professional consulting on email marketing from aMenu Restaurant Marketing
  • Monthly conference calls to answer any questions, give suggestions on email marketing, content, topics, etc. (recorded in the event you can’t make the live ones)
  • Get real data on your campaigns tied to your email service, credit card customers and POS to generate revenue and customer acquisition reports
  • Be part of a landmark study (no specific study exists for restaurant email ROI)
  • Opportunity to increase revenue and increase brand awareness

Why do I have to have Actus Data or Upserve?

It would be great if we could get actual numbers solely from you POS system, but, we can’t.  In order to retain the integrity of the data needed to determine true ROI, there needs to be a connection between your POS, credit card processing and email system.  Actus Data an Upserve both have those capabilities to collect that data and provide real insight into the efficacy of email marketing.

Is there a cost to participate?

If you are already using a service to send emails (e.g. Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, etc.) and/or if you already use Upserve, there is no cost.

If you don’t use Upserve or have a way to connect email to your POS and credit card processing then your only cost will be for Actus Data, which is $59/month.  This covers the cost of us connecting all of the systems, collecting data and crunching the data so we can provide results that keep the integrity of the case study.

I want to participate in the study but I don’t send our any emails or even have any email addresses to send to, can I still participate?

If you currently have a list or have Open Table or another reservation system that collects email addresses, you will need to sign up with an email provider like Constant Contact or Mail Chimp and sign up for Actus Data or if you a current customer of Upserve.

If you don’t have a list then unfortunately, you can’t participate in the study at this time.

Go to the survey.