Copy, Paste, Social! is a done for you social media service.  To combat the “talking about your restaurant all the time” so that your followers are more entertained, educated and engaged, we provide you with 30 pre-written posts every month, all you have to do is, well, Copy, Paste, Schedule! 

Isn’t it about time you took back your margins and your time?  With Copy, Paste, Social! you can cut the time it takes to manage your social media to less than one hour a month…and think of the hundreds of dollars you can save.

Let me explain to you what “Copy, Paste, Social!” is and how it will help you.

30 proven social media posts for restaurants EVERY month!

engaging social media posts

instantly post interesting and engaging information your followers want

* easily supplements your social media efforts

spend more time with your customers and your staff

TAKE BACK YOUR MARGINS now! and get your social media posts delivered to you each month for only $249/month.

Yes! Make My Social Media Easy!

We know how important it is to have a presence on the internet. Easy access to your restaurant’s data is changing the way business is done and changing the results that are driven. At aMenu Restaurant Marketing, we know how to leverage that data so you can increase profits, improve customer service and retain your staff, especially when you are in a highly competitive industry like restaurants.

We also know that managing social media can be expensive and time-consuming.  We want to change that.  We do that with our done for you social media service called Copy, Paste, Social!  We do all the work to create educational, entertaining and engaging posts that you can use to supplement your social media efforts.

According to a study conducted by Sprout Social, constantly talking about your restaurants annoys 57.5% of your followers.




We have been working with aMenu Restaurant Marketing for quite some time and I very much recommend them for any marketing​ or sales needs you might have. They always impress me with their knowledgeable​ and creative approach to marketing. Coupling their technical staff and skillful implementation of online and guerrilla marketing techniques has saved us much in the way of time, money and trouble.
Jim Pittenger Biker Jim's Gourmet Dogs and Pop's Place President of Operations

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